Friday, November 13, 2009

Picacho Geocache Maintenance

My previous best time up the Hunter Trail to the summit of Picacho Peak was 45 minutes, so I was pleased to see that I made it in 42 on today's hike. I had to haul a new ammo box up to replace Geocache GCC5D6, which had gone missing. Thought I might have really creamed the old record, because the GPS showed an elapsed time of 37 minutes, but I discovered I'd set the field to moving time rather than total. I squandered the extra five minutes in a futile effort to get a decent trail picture on a dreary day. E.g.:

While I was in the neighborhood, I dropped by my other Picacho cache, GCC5E1, which was intact but in need of a new logbook. I decided to repackage it in an ammo can, too. It's only a mile from the Sunset trailhead to the cache, but in contrast to the peak, it's slow going. Lots of slippery scree. There's a half-fast trail out that way, but it's not that much better than bushwhacking. At least I made the trip without pitching face-first into any of these guys:

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