Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Bridges - Pistol Hill Shopping Shuttle

OK, so I didn't have much luck hunting down roadies on Old Spanish Trail, but other than that today's singlespeed outing was perfect. On the trail, I never wished for anything other than my unalterable 33:16 gearing. Going uphill, I stood. Going downhill, I tucked. Clearing rockgardens, I dabbed. Those moves, plus a few dismount-and-tippytoe episodes crossing fast-flowing washes, took me from Three Bridges to La Sevilla campground in an hour-ten.

I was ahead of our rendezvous schedule, which called for meeting Amy at Pistol Hill and Old Spanish Trail in two hours, so I continued north on OST. I coasted the downhill sections and spun up and over the mild rises. Waved at grim-faced roadies heading south and got a few waves in return. Passed the Rincon Valley Farmer's Market and a ghost-bike memorial. Oof. Watched the traffic a little more closely thereafter.

Roughly even with the entrance to Saguaro National Monument, I saw Amy's Cherokee flash its lights at me and I made a quick U-turn to catch her by the side of the road.

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