Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wheelset Musings

Lately I've been considering a new wheelset for the Redline D460. On a par with Breakfast is the most important meal of the day is the bike wisdom that New wheels are the first upgrade you should make.

After comparison shopping a bit and reading up on other rims and wheels, I realized that I lacked important information about my current wheelset: the actual weight. So, I stripped off the tires and put the rims on the postal scale.

Front (w/rotor and skewer): 1260g
Minus rotor (128g) and skewer (64g): 1068g

Rear (w/rotor, skewer and cassette): 1924g
Minus rotor (128g), skewer (64g) and cassette (425g): 1307g

Total net wheelset weight 2375g

That figure can probably be rounded down to 2300g even to account for rotor bolts, rim tape, and dirt. Shouldn't be too difficult to improve on a number like that.

- New Wheelset Arrived! 904g front, 1060 rear. More to come..

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