Saturday, July 24, 2010

Babocomari Sweet Spot

Heard strange tales of a fishing hole on the Babocomari River near Huachuca City and had to check it out. Finagled some GPS track data, recruited Gary to accompany me, and set out.

And, what do you know? It's true! We hiked along the mostly waterless riverbed, enjoying the shade of enormous cottonwoods, until we reached a long, narrow pond of still water. GPS track indicates that it's about a tenth of a mile long, and I'd guess 20 feet wide. The water appeared to be dammed by an earth berm, but I couldn't say with any certainty whether the berm was manmade.

With this discovery under our belts, Gary and I have agreed to make another expedition in search of the site where the infamous Babocomari Gator was caught by AZGFD back in 1986. Fortunately, between clues in the newspaper article and water-flow maps available online, I have a pretty good idea where to look.

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