Friday, February 5, 2010

Cooper Loop-de-Loop II

I recently ran across an article entitled Being an Expert Takes Time, not Talent. Its obviousness notwithstanding, this revelation is a great comfort to me as a mountain biker. I have given talent every opportunity to reveal itself, but it's so far been a no-show. So, in accordance with the article's advice, I'm putting in the time necessary to develop  some expertise.

Today I spent time on the Cooper Loop, two laps worth, with an intermission to pull a stuck pickup out of a rut. Completed the first loop in 1:51, and felt pretty good about it; cleaned the upper trails and the Miller Canyon speedway, and bumped and bashed my way through the scabby parts of Perimeter trail. Second lap was almost as good until I hit Perimeter, where my expertise factor dropped suddenly and I floundered a bit. Fortunately, time also heals all wounds.

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