Friday, January 15, 2010

Cooper Loop-de-Loop

Took another crack at the Cooper Loop today. Actually took two laps, trying to carve the details deep into my gray matter. Went pretty well. I posted Lap 1 on Everytrail:

Returning from my first lap on Perimeter Trail, I met a group of three women beginning their southward hike. On the second lap, I ran into them again; they were approaching Miller Canyon. When I returned to the Carr Canyon trailhead, there they were again. They had set up a shuttle, dropping a vehicle in Miller, then carpooling to Carr to begin the hike, and driving from Miller to Carr to close the loop. One of the hikers, Jan, got my email address to send me pix of my ride. Another hazard of mountain biking: Paparazzi! Jan kindly granted me permission to use her picture here, where no one will see it.

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