Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cooper Loop Ride

Reinstalled the knobbies and took the bike for a spin on the Cooper Loop, Sierra Vista's other famous trail. The rocky, 10-mile ride is more than I can knock out on Sunday morning between chores and lunch, so it has been on the back burner for far too long.

I plan to revisit the loop and avenge the various insults to my honor inflicted by Cooper's rock gardens. I took my time and tried to work through the obstacles, but I'll admit to dabbing early and often and sometimes coming to an awkward stop with one or both wheels chocked.

The unexpected highlight of the ride was the short trip down Miller Canyon from the end of Cooper trail to the head of Perimeter trail. South of trailhead parking is a path that at first appears to be a drainage but then becomes a fast, winding downhill  track through the woods alongside Miller Creek. I was having so much fun that I missed my exit--left at the water tank--and nearly ended up on the back porch of a ranch house.

On Perimeter trail, I passed a couple of other mountain bikers and their faithful German Sheperd, who, unlike the rest of us, was having no problem negotiating the obstacles. It's unworthy, but I was encouraged to hear the other guys cussing and grunting their way through the rocks. Maybe I'm only tied for the title of Most Inept on Mildly Technical Trails.

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